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I do enjoy the game Risk. Having an app on my phone that I can play against has been a boon, as no human is willing to play with me anymore. Also, the app does all of the dice rolling and the math. All I have to do is decide where to attack, and look smug or close the app and declare, “This game doesn’t count” when things don’t go well.



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Classic Secrets

Oct. 21st, 2017 10:33 pm
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Dear Frank-
I am currently going through a rough breakup from a 3 years relationship with a man that I loved and completely devoted my life to.
On my first weekend outing as the “third wheel” with my group of couples friends.. this was left in my hotel room by my housekeeper.
She has no idea what how much of an impact she just made on me. She has giving me more strength to get through this.

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I am from the Yakima valley of Washington state. Apple country. Specifically, Red Delicious apple country. I hate Red Delicious apples, and it’s not just because many of my memories of them involve having them thrown at me (They’re so plentiful in Yakima that they are what you throw at someone when you don’t want to waste a good rock).

They’re the apples you get when you say, “Give me an apple,” but you don’t specify what kind. They’re the fruit equivalent of generic beer, or scotch that comes in a big plastic jug.

Note from Missy: Scott has written something SO TOTALLY WRONG in this comic.

He used the sound effect “CRUNCH” for a Red Delicious apple; for an apple that mushy and lifeless, it should have been more like “SMUSH.”



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It’s ironic that I hate shaving, yet I’ve ended up with a shaved head and a Van Dyke, which requires me to continue shaving despite the fact that I have a beard.

The alternatives (a ring of hair around the back of my head with a wispy poof of fuzz on top and a full neck-beard, or remaining clean shaven) don’t look good on me. All of the cuts and spots of razor burn don’t either, but at least they make me look tough.



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