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nomadicwriter ([personal profile] nomadicwriter) wrote2011-06-23 09:05 pm

Identity Post

Hi, folks. There's not really a lot of point in you watching this journal; it's not going to do anything interesting. This account is mostly just for commenting on other people's entries and posting to communities, and I'm not planning to post or cross-post anything here.

If you're looking for me and my stuff, try:

* My main journal at [ profile] nomadicwriter
* My gen fanfiction recs at [ profile] nomads_gen_recs
* My Doctor Doom fan community at [ profile] doomfans
* My fanfiction at AO3 or

See memories for links to my previous posts at [community profile] scans_daily

If I have you friended at Livejournal but not here, that's probably because I've failed to notice you have a Dreamwidth account. Drop me a comment to let me know.