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Okay, I guess this is my main base of operations now. Look for my regular ~3 posts a year to be posted on Dreamwidth henceforth! Not gonna be either deleting or importing [ profile] nomadicwriter since I never used it to archive fic and there's not much of note it would be a big deal to lose if LJ ever goes boom. But I'm not going to bother to crosspost there either.

[ profile] doomfans is now relocating to [community profile] doomfans. Entries have been imported and I'll be updating there from now on. There's also an existing sister comm at /doomfans on Imzy if you're over there.

[ profile] nomads_gen_recs hasn't been updated forever and isn't likely to be, so I'm just going to leave it up on LJ rather than import it here. More recent recs, gen and otherwise, are in my bookmarks on AO3 anyway. (I am nomadicwriter there too, and still also Nomad1 on But mostly, to be honest, I'm just silently lurking everywhere.)
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Hi, folks. There's not really a lot of point in you watching this journal; it's not going to do anything interesting. This account is mostly just for commenting on other people's entries and posting to communities, and I'm not planning to post or cross-post anything here.

If you're looking for me and my stuff, try:

* My main journal at [ profile] nomadicwriter
* My gen fanfiction recs at [ profile] nomads_gen_recs
* My Doctor Doom fan community at [ profile] doomfans
* My fanfiction at AO3 or

See memories for links to my previous posts at [community profile] scans_daily

If I have you friended at Livejournal but not here, that's probably because I've failed to notice you have a Dreamwidth account. Drop me a comment to let me know.


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